about us

Tahoe Media Collective is a production company founded by AJ Marino and Cameron Daniels.  This team of skilled creatives was discovered in a South Tahoe High class room in the fall of 2014.  AJ and Cameron were born and raised in Meyers, CA and are passionate about sharing their love of the outdoors and all that Meyers has offered them.  The company specializes in outdoor and environmental filmmaking; and is comprised of rugged and knowledgeable outdoor professionals.  Tahoe Media Collective takes a strong stand to protect the environment and is a One Percent For The Planet member; meaning they donate 1 percent of their gross income as a company to environmental nonprofits, including: Protect our Winters, Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association, Keep Tahoe Blue, and The Tahoe Fund. Tahoe Media Collective also volunteers time for environmental causes, as well as producing films to raise awareness about human caused climate change and conservation efforts.