Our Services



Tahoe Media Collective uses cutting edge 4k Camera systems to create a beautiful, and crisp final product. We use a selection of innovating camera supports including: Gimbals, drones. studio lighting, audio, cranes, and dollies. We believe in providing the client and ourselves with the highest quality and creative end product. 


We can produce 8k quality time-lapses for any scenario. From mountain scapes, to city centers, long term construction, weather, and interior scenes. 


We offer our equipment up for rental to the United States, please inquire for equiptment lists, and rates. 



POST production

Tahoe Media Collective operates on Adobe's creative cloud software system. Our post production services include:  Editing up to 8k video, creative visual effects, color correction, digital design, photo editing, and archiving footage. We work in a full editing studio, and are capable of creating inventive visuals. 


We offer a series of free photo, video, editing, and environmental workshops. We believe that education shouldn't have a price. This is our donation to the up and coming community. We would like to instill students with knowledge and advice that will last lifetimes. For more information please contact us.


Tahoe Media Collective has a dedicated audio team. We are able to record events, concert venues, and films. Our team is capable of producing, mixing, and master any sound a client requests.